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Japan Entry
Communication Management
Bilingual Business


Enterprise Transformation

                            What we do!

  •  Japan Entry for foreign clients act as communication professional to bridge between Japan and VIP`s request


  •  Design thinking workshop for Executives

  • Tie up Planning and execution with various media.

  • Start up support in Japan- from hiring, partnership and building strategy 

  • Creative Support for Japaneses market



Communication Strategy


Problems solving consultation through Design thinking 

if you have any,

Our communication consultant would make

all the stress working with Japanese comapanies 

so much easier from setting up meetings, hiring

and managing in Japan


They are eager to work with your needs 

New collaboration with different industries

are also possible


Universal Consultant accelerate your business 

with M&A, Licensing, Co-production with 

Japanese companies and Asia

We will speed up the process so that you can

sit back and relax and make more profit

Japan Entry via 
Design Thinking Strategy


Problems solving consultation through Design thinking 

Universal Consulting. accelerate the client's business 

with M&A, Licensing Co-production with Japanese companies

Media Relations with on and off line media

 (News Paper, TV, Publications, SNS) 

Tie up Planning and execution with various media.

Focus on ever-evolving clients needs 

 Liaison between complicated Japanese corporation 

and VIP like yourself!



Creative Development
UI/UX Design

Universalplanner Consulting, develop creative LP

and website which takes you to the customer journey 
with easy to use interface design and UI/UX Design


With a deep understanding of consumer behavior,

 big data analytics and fan engagement through SNS

we develop UX strategy to help marketing campaign

in Japan to grow your customer and business goals


Marketing & PR

Universal consultant create unique and innovational  

road map for the entire marketing and promotion plan

including copy right, slogan, sending press release, 


Creating parties and events publishing

articles, SNS marketing to multiple your sales


Japan is still a good place to be and so much to do and see

if you`re interested in Asian market.


Native Japanese independent consultants with

various Japanese C-level executives contact will custom

made activity plans tailored just for you!


Founder of  Media/IT companies in NY, LA and Tokyo. 
She is listed as only Japanese female who was granted US patent and started new human media advertisement from the scratch.

At IBM, her +AI business model was utilized in many 
global companies, resulted in granted Enterprise Design thinking practitioner. certified by IBM US.

She is the unique Japanese individual who understands
the world economy, business and design.

Now, she extended her service as communication director to help those who want to enter into Japanese market smoothly without getting lost in translation and have a good time!


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